ALL V.W.G.A Players must adhere to Valleybrook’s Golf Course Terms & Conditions.

Clinic No-show / Cancellation:

We realize that there are many things that can come up in people’s day-to-day lives.  While truly sympathetic, Valleybrook’s Womens Golf Association must adhere to the same terms and conditions as all guests of the club.  We require a (24) hour advance notice to cancel any V.W.G.A clinic, and tee times, including reductions in group size.  If change or cancellation is not made within this timeframe, the credit card holder is responsible for all applicable charges.  The staff will also not be able to transfer pre-payments from one date to another.  We ask this in the hope of providing hassle-free transactions with all parties involved.  Thank you for your understanding.

General Rules:

  • Please limit the search period to 3 minutes when looking for your ball.
  • You get a one-stroke penalty for landing your golf ball in the water or onto a water hazard.

No Outside Alcohol Permitted
As a Licensed Facility with the A.B.C. bringing outside alcohol onto this Licensed Facility is prohibited.

Inclement Weather
Valleybrook does not possess an inclement weather warning or detection system. Golfers are advised to play at their own risk and we are under no obligation to warn, retrieve, and/or remove anyone from the golf course due to inclement weather, including lightning.

Golf Cart Use
Golfers are to abide by all daily cart rules and return carts at the end of play in as good condition as received. Any and all damages or claims whatsoever arising from use, are the responsibility to be paid by said golfer.